Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

Many of us choose carpet as a popular flooring choice.  It’s warm, soft and comfy, and feels good to walk on.  Many of us also choose to have pets in our homes such as dogs and cats, and other creatures.  While we love our carpets, and our pets, the two can often be a troublesome combination.  Inevitably, there may be some pet accidents that happen.  So what should you do when your beloved pet accidentally pees on your soft, beautiful carpet? Read these tips from NSEW Carpet Cleaning.

Obviously, the first goal would be to remove the visible stain.  You also want to get deep down into the carpet to remove the urine that isn’t visible.  Lastly, you want to neutralize the smell, and hopefully prevent your pet from going back to the same spot because often if an animal smells their pee, they will return to the same spot to pee again.

One simple and inexpensive for removing pet urine from carpet involves vinegar and baking soda.  This is a great method to try because it is inexpensive, and these are items most of us already have in our homes.  This method is all-natural and uses no harmful chemicals.  Start by pouring white vinegar over the stain.  You want to saturate the carpet, but not make it soggy.

Next, sprinkle baking soda generously over the soaked stain.  You will begin to hear crackling and fizzing, a sign the baking soda and vinegar are beginning to react together.  As they react, the stain and odor will be lifted out of the carpet fibers.  Leave the baking soda and vinegar mixture on the stain for a day or two.  It may be a good idea to place a dish or something over the area to prevent people from tracking baking soda through the house, and to remind yourself that the stain is still there.

When the spot has completely dried, scoop up the majority of the baking soda into a dustpan, and dispose of it.  Finally, use your vacuum to remove the remaining baking soda, and you should be left with a clean, odorless carpet.

Another method is to blot a fresh urine spot with paper towels and dish soap.  You don’t want to scrub as that would push the urine deeper into the carpet.  Just blot until the stain is removed.

Hydrogen peroxide is another excellent tool for removing pet urine.  Fill a spray bottle with peroxide, and soak the stain.  Let the peroxide sit on the stain for about 10 or 15 minutes.  Then clean it by blotting with a dry rag or paper towels.  Remember not to rub.  Just dab or blot until dry.

If you’d prefer to use a professionally prepared product to remove pet urine from your carpet, there are some amazing products that use enzymes to clean and remove pet urine.  Nature’s Miracle is one common product that can be found at most pet supply stores.  This is a great option as the enzymes connect to the urine molecules and bacteria, causing them to break down and dissolve.  With these products, there is no blotting required.  Simply spray the product on the stain, and let the magic happen.  Be sure to read the product label, and follow directions.

If all else fails, rent a carpet cleaner, and give your carpet a well deserved deep clean.  Cleaning the carpet on your own can be tricky, and if the scent is too deeply embedded, it may be difficult to eradicate it on your own.  If this is the case, consider hiring a company that professionally steam cleans the carpet.

There are many options for successfully cleaning pet stains from carpet.  Whatever option you choose, you should eventually be successful in your efforts.  Proper cleanup and treatment will assist you in living a life in which your pet and carpet can successfully coexist.

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