Wet vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

For those of us who choose carpeting as a flooring choice, it is necessary to have our carpets cleaned occasionally in order to remove dirt and stains and to keep them clean, and in good condition.  There are a few different methods to clean your carpet.  There are wet methods such as shampoo and steam.  There are also dry methods of cleaning your carpet which may use a dry powder compound or some type of foam to absorb dirt.  Here we explore the benefits of wet versus dry methods for cleaning your carpet.

Pets and small children can leave many difficult stains and ground-in dirt in your carpet.  If it has been a long time since you’ve had your carpets cleaned, or if they are unusually dirty, a wet cleaning method maybe your best option.

There are a few options for wet cleaning methods.  Carpet shampooing is one option.  Shampooing works well for carpets that are heavily soiled, and have difficult stains and spots.  Disadvantages of shampooing include residue left by the shampoo which eventually will just attract more dirt.  Also, if you have a bug infestation such as fleas or bedbugs, shampooing will kill the live insects, but may not kill the eggs, thus not effectively stopping the cycle.  Shampooed carpets also take the longest time to dry.

Another method of wet carpet cleaning is steam cleaning.  This method is the most effective at removing deep-down dirt from the carpet, Steam cleaning will not leave a residue behind.  Steam cleaning will also sanitize your carpet and is helpful in removing mold and mildew spores from the carpet.  Steam cleaning will kill insects, as well as their eggs, thus stopping the cycle, and putting an end to the cause of the problem.  A downside to steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods is the long drying time.

Cleaning carpets using a dry process is different. Rather than soaking your carpets with water, as happens with the shampoo or steam methods, the dry process uses a chemical solution, sometimes called a dry shampoo to remove dirt from your carpet.  Dry solutions are not completely dry.  They usually consist of a chemical foam but use significantly less water than shampoo or steam methods.  This means your carpet will dry a lot faster. One disadvantage of the dry process of cleaning the carpet is that chemical solutions only work on the top layers of the carpet.  This makes them almost completely ineffective for treating deep stains.  Also, a chemical residue may be left behind in the carpet, exposing you and your family to these chemicals.

Steam cleaning seems to be the best option for removing deep, set-in dirt, mildew, mold, and even insects, and their eggs.  Steam pulls all the dirt and debris out from deep down in the carpet fibers.

However, all methods have advantages and disadvantages.  It’s best to choose a method based on your specific needs and concerns. Cost may vary as well, and may also be a factor in your decision.  Whatever you choose, do your research, and choose a reliable product.  Ask neighbors for recommendations. By doing this, you can ensure you will be satisfied with the results. Call NSEW Carpet Cleaning today.

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