Deep Vacuuming

Regular carpet cleaning can keep a client’s flooring looking like brand new. However, when you want to get the best results for the job, you must first deep vacuum the floor before you actually shampoo and steam clean the carpets. Deep vacuuming is critical to the outcome of the job and the satisfaction of the client.

Deep Vacuuming to Remove Embedded Debris

Carpets have an uncanny knack for retaining all sorts of dirt, dust, and debris deep within their fibers. Regular vacuuming often fails to remove this deeply embedded filth. It remains buried under the fibers and deep into the matting of the carpet.

If you were to clean the carpets without doing a deep vacuuming first, you essentially would smear and grind all of that debris further into the carpet fibers. The carpet’s color would be dirtied and diminished. Further, the carpet would lose its soft texture.

Rather than compromise the texture and appearance of the carpet, you should first deep clean the carpeting in a client’s home or business. You will ensure the cleanest results and a look that the client will be more than happy with when it is finished.

Deep Vacuuming to Prolong the Life of the Carpet

Deep vacuuming also bolsters the life and longevity of the carpeting. Without this type of attention, the carpet would succumb to the embedded debris. It will eventually become matted and full of holes because of the extreme wear and tear.

Deep vacuuming prolongs the life of the carpeting and also makes it last longer even during heavy foot traffic. It allows for the carpet cleaning to give the best results so that the client can save both time and money in caring for his or her carpeted floors.

Deep vacuuming is a critical prelude to carpet cleaning. It freshens the appearance and texture of the carpet as well as prolongs its usefulness.

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