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Water damage no matter its source—can result in serious, long-lasting, and even irreparable damage to your property. If you need water restoration in Florence, Sc you can count on us. Call us today if you are experiencing a water damage emergency.

Residential Water Damage

Residential water damage can result from any number of different causes, including leaky faucets, burst pipes, and flash flooding. Water damage is both common and incredibly destructive—as any homeowner that has faced this issue already knows.

Not only is water damage potentially disastrous, but it also must be dealt with very quickly. The damage can become exponentially worse when not immediately addressed. Excessive water in your home can lead to electrical hazards, cause irreparable damage to your home’s furnishings and even its structure, and can lead to mold growth.

If your home is at risk of water damage, you should call us ASAP. We’re Florence, South Carolinas premier service for water restoration and mold removal services.

Damage to Carpet and Upholstery

You might be surprised by how little water can do permanent damage to your furniture and carpets. If it is too much water, cleaning the carpet won’t help. You’ll be even more surprised by how quickly that damage becomes irreversible. That’s why we pride ourselves in helping you through this challenging situation as promptly as possible.

Our expert teams understand what’s at stake, and that’s why we are committed to acting on your urgent water damage situation as quickly as possible. Our certified technicians have access to cutting edge cleaning products, and they have been thoroughly trained in how to use them safely and effectively.

When we assess the damage, we take into account the age and the condition of the furnishings affected, the amount of time they were exposed to water, and the state of the water that caused the damage. Clean water, gray water, and black water all require different approaches with regards to assessing and mitigating damage.

It’s our goal to provide you with an accurate estimate that takes all relevant factors into account.

Water Damage As a Result of a Fire

It can be devastating to experience a house fire. What many homeowners are unaware of before undergoing this type of tragedy is that the very act of putting the fire out can cause damage as well. Countless gallons of water may be required to save your home—but that water can, itself, do an incredible amount of damage. Your floors, walls, and even the structural integrity of your home can suffer from the water used to stop the fire.

Our water restoration teams are familiar with water damage. We know how to use the latest water extraction techniques to preserve as much of your home and belongings as possible. We understand the time constraints associated with firefighting water damage, which is why we’re available 24/7 for emergency calls.

Flooded Basement/Rising Water Damage

The lowest point in a home is often the point most likely to be subjected to water damage in Florence Sc. For many homes, that lowest point is the basement. Basement floods can be unpredictable and unexpected. We strive to respond to your basement flooding as rapidly as possible, allowing as much of your personal property to be salvaged as possible.

There are numerous causes of basement flooding. Water intrusions can result from sources located both inside and outside of the home. Heavy rains and melting snow can result in oversaturated earth. This issue can lead to hydrostatic pressure. “Hydrostatic pressure” refers to the moisture outside of the foundational wall exceeding the pressure inside the wall. Because the water outside will seek the lower pressure area, this can contribute to moisture in the basement, leaks, and even cracks in the foundational wall.

Our teams use the most advanced solutions to remove moisture efficiently to prevent and reduce structural damage and secondary water problems. We utilize dehumidifiers to speed the drying process. Our teams are also experienced in cleaning and sanitization, treating your basement with antimicrobial agents, as needed, to prevent mold formation.

Our exceptional customer service agents will work together with you and your insurance company throughout the process so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Burst Pipes and Leaking Pipes

mold from water damageSomething as simple as an unexpected drop in temperature can result in a costly problem: burst water pipes. Water expands as it freezes, and the additional pressure can cause ruptures in pipe walls or broken pipe joints. No matter the material—PVC, plastic, lead, iron, or copper—any pipe can be vulnerable to bursting when the pressure inside becomes excessive.

Hundreds of gallons of water can spew from a burst pipe every hour, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of damage if you don’t address the issue isn’t immediately. The moment you realize that you have a leaking pipe or a burst water line, call us. We can take appropriate measures to protect your home and belongings.

Contaminated Water and Sewer Water

Sewage overflow and backup are damaging to your home, as all flooding can be. However, the damage caused by contaminated water goes far beyond the physical damage to your belongings. It can also be dangerous to your health. Emergencies can be caused by a breakdown in the neighborhood sewer system, water runoff from a storm, or a sewage backup into your home. We can respond to the emergency with the right tools, techniques, and training to remove this hazardous waste material from your home.

We’ll remove the contaminated water along with any furnishings, flooring, or carpet that have been contaminated. We’ll use professional-grade ventilation equipment to ensure the area is dry and free of airborne contaminants. Finally, we’ll clean and sanitize the area to ensure that it’s clear of microbes that could cause disease or infection. We will treat the area to prevent the growth of mildew or other fungi.

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The sooner the water damage in your home is addressed, the less impact it will have. Many insurance companies require a swift response to mitigate damage, and we can provide it. Don’t hesitate! to call for water restoration in Florence Sc.